08 May 2020 10:19:20
I’ve just been reading about Kyle Walker and him breaking the lockdown rules again.

Now I appreciate that he has gone through a hard time for whatever reason, mainly due to his party during lockdown last month but coming out like ‘woe is me’ doesn’t sit right with me. Everyone is struggling in their own ways with the quarantine but they are trying to make it work.
But to act like, because of his actions, it’s ok to visit family because it got a bit tough sends out completely the wrong message.
If we all had that mindset there would be no lockdown.
He has put it down to mental health, and I completely appreciate it can impact anyone, I have been there. But, and I apologise wholeheartedly if I am wrong, but it feels like it’s thrown in there to protect himself and he needs to accept that it’s his actions that have caused his family pain.
Apologies if my mini rant isn't for these pages.

1.) 09 May 2020
09 May 2020 15:36:14
Couldn't agree more Wyred mate, we are all struggling but some people have a complely disproportionate sense of self importantance and self importantance that exonerates them from what they feel is right for everyone but themselves and those they care about.
Footballers film stars pop stars by nature of their industries can
very easily develop a highly inflated sense of ego like Emma Thompson I think it was who was happy to lecture others on climate issues but laughed at the very idea of her personally having to fly economy. I genuinely don't think they can see past themselves anymore and genuinely struggle to understand why others can't appreciate and understand their personal needs above the rest of the world's.
Kyle Walker like so many high profile celebrities wants to be seen as and talked about as a fantastic role model while at the same time be excused for living and doing what's only good for Kyle Walker.
Selective sense of conscience, personal responsibility and morality I think they call it, he could certainly do with getting some professional help but not for the reasons he think he needs it in my opinion.

2.) 10 May 2020
10 May 2020 08:59:05
Half of these aren’t even close to role models mate, to be caught having a party and then to say, you are invading my privacy, just shows they have no idea of what’s going on around them.
Funny story, if you don’t go to the party and break the lockdown you won’t be in the papers.
Don’t get me started on the climate fighters who preach but then go and do something else.
Climate is clearly a huge issue we have to deal with but if you are so passionate about it you need to stick by your words and not just say it as it’s the right thing to do.

Hope your keeping sane in lockdown gunner!

3.) 10 May 2020
10 May 2020 11:48:12
Definitely having some tough days where I'm struggling a bit mentally Wyred mate but thankfully I'm still managing to have more ok days so far.
No one likes hypocritical people who don't practice what they so love to preach on a regular basis to everyone else about how they personally think the world should be, Just look at the scientists who are advising the rest of the country how to stay safe then breaking the rules they themselves helped create and are having to step down?
The problem with putting yourself on a pedestal is having the self control to stay there.
Lock down is tough and I totally understand some people are more capable of handling it than others but the more the minority of people brake the restrictions the longer the majority will have to suffer.
When it's all over people will naturally look back at the hero's and villains, those who went above and beyond for others and of course those who put themselves before everyone and anyone else, the problem for Kyle is he wants to live one way but seems to have a real need to be seen as one of the good guys and feels hard done by if people judge him by his actions rather than his words.
Hope all is good with you and yours Wyred mate.